50 Best Welding Schools In United States

50 Best Welding Schools in the US

If you are looking to become a welder or are thinking of a different career choice, professional training and certification go a long way in establishing your writ in this field. Whether you want to be a professional underwater welder, a pipe welder, or would prefer something like TIG welding or welding engineering as part of the American Welding Society, the welding process requires a high level of skill. Professional welding schools are a great investment to be tagged a certified professional; this allows you better jobs, consistent work, and potential for growth. That’s why we created this list of the best welding schools in US. 50 Best Welding Schools In United States

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A professional welder can apply knowledge from the start of their career rather than learning the old-fashioned way that involved long years where welders learnt by trial and error. A welding degree can be a great step if your interests and motivation for the field are aligned.

Here are the top 50 schools in the U.S. to choose from:

  1. Tulsa Welding School

The Tulsa School of welding is one of the oldest institutions in the United States that offers a formal welding degree. The school has other branches in Houston and Jacksonville. Tulsa has a history of over 60 years and is easily the best school for welders in the US. The School offers a variety of financial aid packages, flexible class schedules and goes out of its way to cater to veterans and military personnel. The School’s welding program has a capacity of 740 students.

  1. Tulsa Welding School – Jacksonville

The second-best program on this list also goes to Tulsa’s Welding School, only in Jacksonville. The founders of the schools understood the need for professionally trained welders and more than anything the Tulsa name has stood the test of time. This school’s program is an amalgamation of training and hands-on experience. Each student’s needs are catered to on an individual level and this is one of the reasons why the School’s teaching methods have been so successful. The Jacksonville campus caters to 528 students. The website is helpful and they can easily be contacted regarding aid programs and fee structures.

  1. Capital Area Technical College

The Capital Area Technical College (CATC) is known for its educational programs that cater to the workforce needs of the State. Since the mission statement regards contributing to the “skilled workforce” as an imperative economic need, they can be trusted to take the futures of technicians seriously. The curriculum is a good balance, with the CATC providing students with learning and relevant opportunities that could cultivate into life-long employment. The CATC offers 501 students a future in welding.

  1. Northwest Louisiana Technical College

The Northwest Louisiana Technical College offers higher education, certifications, and diplomas to students in Louisiana. The College aims to create a culture of understanding and learning when it comes to technical professions. The college focuses specifically on the Northwest region of the State, offering students an opportunity to learn and develop skills that can lead to high wage employment and jobs. The college focuses on providing training according to the changing demands and needs of the Human Resources industry. They keep the students engaged and up to date; training them along with personal growth. The College caters to 365 students in their welding program.

  1. Southwestern Illinois College

Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC) was founded in 1946 to cater to two problems: in the wake of World War II the economy needed specialized workforces for industries and learning programs that could aid in the settlement and rehabilitation of returning veterans. SWIC is one of the few state-funded and supported colleges that offer over 150 direct work entry programs to its students. SWIC also offers transfer programs to serving and veteran military personnel.

  1. Acadiana Technical College-Lafayette Campus

Acadiana Technical College-Lafayette Campus (ATC Lafayette Campus) focuses on creating an environment that is conducive to public education. The institute offers associate’s degrees and is also recognized by the “Council on Occupational Education.” It is a great place to join, with the school offering dual credit, life experience credit and distance learning opportunities to its students. The ATC Lafayette Campus offers on-campus daycare, which is a great point to factor in if you are a parent.

  1. Ashland Community and Technical College

Ashland Community College started off as a junior school in the 1930s, but with time evolved into separate schools and in 2003 it merged with Ashland Technical College to its current state. It is an affordable community institute that offers technical expertise and higher education opportunities. The college has one full and two short summer sessions, under its semester calendar system to offer a flexible study schedule. The college has been recognized by the “Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.”

  1. Hobart Institute of Welding Technology

The Hobart Institute of Welding Technology is an institute solely dedicated to the technical field of welding. The school is recognized by the “Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.” The institute is military-friendly and offers training, hands-on experience, and certification that makes career placements easier.

  1. San Jacinto Community College

San Jacinto Community College started off as “East Harris County Union Junior College” in 1960. Today the college has an online learning portal, three campuses that cater to different fields of study from Business to Industrial technology. The School’s technical program offers flexible fee structures, certification, and the opportunity to expand the scope of technical learning for better job placements. The campus has facilities like a Spa, golf course, and a concert hall.

  1. Bluegrass Community and Technical College

Bluegrass Community and Technical College (BCTC) was created after the merger of two community colleges to offer a single educational platform to a larger student community in 2004. Bluegrass Community and Technical College offers one of the most flexible and open online learning programs. The online education program gives students with work and family commitments to have dedicated learning from home.

  1. Maysville Community and Technical College

Maysville Community and Technical College have offered 2-year diplomas and certification in their locality since 1968. MCTC is an integral part of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System. The great thing about the college is its easy access to the surrounding locals. The school offers a good balance of technical and theoretical education. MCTC takes cares of its certified students by initiating programs that help place students in jobs by partnering with local business and by offering easy access to all learning opportunities whether via flexible schedules and by online accessibility.

  1. Mountainland Applied Technology College

While Mountainland Applied Technology College focuses on bachelor degrees in the field of technology they offer professional training courses and certifications that hold great merit for any professional in the market. The school is one of the more competitive learning centers out there. The application of “Skilled Trade” diplomas and certifications by the students is made easier when the school supports its brighter professionals by giving them access to better wages.

  1. West Kentucky Community and Technical College

West Kentucky Community and Technical College is an integral cog of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System. The college offers a diploma, certifications and a 2-year degree option for professionals. The school is recognized by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). The school has an inexpensive welding program, convenient class schedules, innovation programs and drives, online learning portals, and an excellent theoretical curriculum.

  1. Peninsula College

Peninsula College boasts one of the best Skilled Trade faculties around; the study pattern is innovative, focused, and, at the helm of a great teacher, successful. The college focuses a great deal on bringing new techniques and ideas to its students and professional learning programs. The advanced equipment, international learning standards and an active involvement with the local community not only aids the learning process but prepares the students in job placement.

  1. Des Moines Area Community College

Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) is one of the fastest growing community colleges in the US. When it comes to quality education, very few community colleges offer a worthwhile investment. According to Community College Week DMACC is definitely one such institute that is willing to venture in to innovative education techniques and student support (financial and tutoring). Since DMACC is located Central Iowa, it is considered an ideal place that is easily accessible to students from a variety of localities. Des Moines itself is a great place to get work as a welder or a part of any workforce. The School is one of the most expensive on the list but worth every penny!

  1. Lincoln College of Technology – Denver

Lincoln Tech training courses have a great reputation in the market; graduating students have a higher chance of landing well-paid jobs. The institute has been regarded as a LINC to thousands of skill-based jobs. The Lincoln College has one of the best welding programs in Denver. The focus of the curriculum is on creating a skill set that aligns perfectly with the needs of the local market. The School is acutely aware of the shortage of skilled workers in the area and how certifications go a long way in providing better opportunities to its students.

  1. Northshore Technical Community College

The Northshore Technical Community College has a strong technical course and one that is considered rigorous and tough on the students. The graduates, however, agree that the technical training in terms of theory and hands-on experience is one of the best that they have seen. NTCC offers a self-motivated learning atmosphere with a faculty that encourage hard work and a student body that is driven to do more and better. When it comes to launching a career in the technical industry, the NTCC is up to date with industry needs and try to create the knowledge that is required and not be repetitive. NTCC aims for the building of a stronger Louisiana workforce that is technically superior and competitive professionals.

  1. Seattle Community College – South Campus

South Seattle College (SSC, formerly South Seattle Community College, SSCC) is located in West Seattle, Washington. The community college was founded in 1970 and is one prong of the Seattle Colleges District triad—the three community colleges are a major source of learning and career advancement certifications in the region. The SCCSC offers multiple “skilled expertise” programs to assure the incorporation of an effective workforce in society. Programs that are success stories at the college include culinary arts, horticulture, welding and many others.

  1. Central Community College

Central Community College, or CCC, is one of the largest community colleges in the state—a multi-campus that caters to a region of 25 counties in central Nebraska. The stats for the college are impressive and it falls in the expensive lot of community colleges. The institute covers roughly 14,000 square miles and connects to a populace of 300,000. CCC offers a wide array of technical programs for its students. The list consists of 36 career options and technical curriculum that focuses on providing students with degrees (two-year), diplomas, certification, and online learning opportunities.

  1. Somerset Community College

The Somerset Community College (SCC) is a rare community college that crams the most content in their two-year courses to establish a learning conducive process. SCC is a community college that has shown an exceptional growth spurt. SCC is a member of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System. The welding program offered here is very industry specific and targeted. They offer hands-on experience and intense training to their students to ensure the best kind of professionals become a part of the local workforce. The classes are quite flexible; timings can suit all kinds of students.

  1. Lone Star College System

The Lone Star College system has over six campuses, flexible class schedules, and smaller classes to provide individual attention to each student. Their motto states “Start Close. Go Far”. Their affordable tuition and commitment to specialization programs offers students an attractive option to earn a degree without the mandatory debt sentence. Financial aid is offered to most students and the tuition itself is locality-based. The college also offers the opportunity of credit transfers to a 4-year university as well.

  1. Apex Technical School

Apex Technical School was founded in 1961 and enjoys a long history with New York and its people. ATS is licensed by the New York State’s Education Department and it is easily one of the best-known names for welding specialty certifications and courses. The history of the school is entwined with the workforce of America. The School’s founders worked as licensed engineers; famous for being active with the worker unions. The vision of Apex was to offer a more hands-on education along with the necessary certifications to help budding talent in the skilled trade part of America.

  1. Aims Community College

Aims Community College offers one of the cheapest educations in this list. The school has over 200 degree and certification programs that students can choose from. In Front Range no other community college offers such a competitive tuition. The ACC welding program is extensive and offers locally placed jobs to its graduates and certified professionals. The school has four campuses that offer a flexible schedule of classes, both morning and evening. ACC has a distance learning program that has top-notch faculty and is one of the best online learning portals to choose from.

  1. Walla Walla Community College

This unique facility is located in Washington State. The community college offers multiple campuses to the students and it has recently been rewarded with the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence. The institute has been ranked amongst the very best community colleges since 2011.

  1. Grays Harbor College

Grays Harbor College was founded in 1930. Today, the college has an excellent faculty for their technical training program. Grays Harbor offers a variety of specialty certifications including professional welding courses. The school focuses a great deal on teaching new skills that could lead to a commanding position and improved jobs. The colleges try to improve the economy by teaching students and experienced individuals the means to command better pay scales and learn more in their technical fields.

  1. Lincoln Technical Institute – East Windsor

The Lincoln Technical Institute, East Windsor campus, is a benchmark for technical programs with their mission statement calling all technicians the builders of America. The college offers Diplomas, certification, and job placements for students enrolled in programs like Automotive and Welding Technology. The school focuses on skilled trade and enforces a solid curriculum of technical knowledge and hands-on training experience while assuring that the students utilize the right equipment, specific to their particular industries.

  1. Olympic College

The school is located in Bremerton, Washington. The Olympic College has a rural/urban combination that is conducive to any learning process. The college offers a 2-year course.  The welding courses offered in Olympic college range from certifications in proficiency, specialization, and recognition. The school also offers an associate degree in technical arts with a special focus on welding technology. The classes offered are accessible and the study schedule can help any individual with the right motivation.

  1. Albany Technical College

Albany Technical College is a part of the “Technical College System of Georgia.” The school’s approach to learning the technical arts focuses a lot on practical tests. The Welding and Joining Technology diploma of the Albany Technical College is designed to meet and treat challenges and day-to-day issues that arise when working in the welding industry. The school does teach all the theory but the push towards a more “practical learning” approach is encouraged for students desirous for careers in the welding industry.

  1. South Arkansas Community College

South Arkansas Community College falls under the public domain and offers courses for technical expertise and a number of certifications for the welding industry. The college is located in downtown El Dorado in Union County, Arkansas. The college offers 129 students the opportunity to enroll in the welding course and the tuition is reasonable if not the lowest on the list.

  1. Tidewater Tech-Trades

Tidewater Tech-Trades is a specialized school for technical training. Since the entire focus of the school is on skilled trade, the study programs are tailor-made for technical learning and professional looking to get certification or enhance their knowledge of a given specialty. Tidewater’s Welding course is one of the best regarding hands-on experience learning and a great focus on technical excellence.

  1. South Central Louisiana Technical College – Young Memorial Campus

The college aims to provide long-term success whilst catering to business and industry needs. It offers a total of five campuses for the students in different locations of Morgan City, Reserve, Thibodaux, and Houma, Louisiana. Students can avail associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates to excel in their respective fields.

  1. Lincoln College of Technology – Grand Prairie

The campus offers advanced hands-on training to the students. The modern state-of-the-art facility helps students specialize in different trainings related to the skilled trades and automotive industries. The college is located in Dallas, Texas.

  1. Madisonville Community College

The college has been producing some of the best professionals in the industry since its inception in 1968. The college offers 2-year degrees to students. It is one of the best welding school options available in Kentucky.

  1. New Castle School of Trades

The school has been around since 1945. It offers deep understanding of any trade program the student chooses along with hands-on experience with highly experienced instructors. Interactive education is promised at a very reasonable fee structure. If you’re looking to jumpstart your welding career then this school in Pennsylvania should be your best bet.

  1. Midwest Technical Institute – Moline

This is a vocational or technical school that offers achievements and learning in mechanical trade and health fields all year around. The school is primarily focused on labs and workshops for most part of the learning process. The course promises effective training in nine months and less. You have the option of taking up morning, evening, or afternoon sessions.

  1. Savannah Technical College

Savannah technical college promises you a highly stimulating environment in terms of both learning and experience. Instructors with real industry experience along with academic excellence ensure a highly effective environment.

  1. Owens Community College

You can find two of this college’s campuses in Findlay and Toledo, Ohio. The college was initiated in 1965 and has since offered deep understanding and thorough learning to the students. The college offers a variety of accredited certificates and degrees that offer full preparation in welding related fields.

  1. Arizona Automotive Institute

If Phoenix is your go-to destination for career training, then Arizona Automotive Institute should be your preference. The school offers disciplines in heating, basic refrigeration, heavy truck, and welding. The institute has been at the top of its game since the past 45 years.

  1. Greenville Technical College

The college is located in South Carolina and has been operating since 1962. You can achieve a strong base along with brilliant hands-on training of your skill. The college will equip you with all the necessary skills required to meet your future goals in the industry.

  1. Arkansas State University – Beebe

Located in Arkansas, the university offers you an effective 2-year college degree. The school provides you accredited degrees to help you speed up your future plans. It offers you online courses as well. Moreover, the fee structure is quite affordable.

  1. Green River Community College

The college offers the largest evening education course in the Washington State. It offers an open and accessible environment for public from across the globe. It has multiple campuses in Enumclaw, Kent, and Auburn. A variety of degrees can be obtained with the help of highly motivated staff and state of the art facility.

  1. Hazard Community and Technical College

The college is located in Kentucky and is definitely the “it” place for you welding training and learning experiences. With the knowledge and training gained from Hazard, you are likely to land highly paying jobs in your career. The flexible scheduling along with online classes make your experience all the better.

  1. West Georgia Technical College

The college is essentially a part of the Technical College System of Georgia. It is focused on locations of Coweta, Troup, Heard, Haralson, Meriwether, and Carroll. You can expect good educational training and industrial level experience from this school. It offers community services along with technological advancements in the business sector.

  1. Augusta Technical College

The college offers 2-year-based degrees in Georgia. The physical facilities offered in this particular school are bound to enhance your learning and work experience. The students and faculty share the learning responsibility here and create a highly productive environment for fostering growth.

  1. Midwest Technical Institute – Springfield

If you’re on the lookout for enhanced training in your welding career in Illinois, then MTI should be your final decision. The course offerings of this school have received national accreditation for many years. It offers the most versatile of welding programs out there. Your entry-level employment will be easily accessible with the training provided here.

  1. Ivy Tech Community College

This 2-year college facility has been around for more than 50 years. Located in Indiana, the school offers more a huge variety of 150 different programs. The online courses are amazing as well with more than a thousand different classes available. The class size is kept small here in order to offer special focus towards each student.

  1. Hinds Community College

This community college is the largest of its kind in Mississippi. It offers accredited degrees to more than 32,000 students. The educational programs are of academic and workforce kinds.  It ranks fourth in the state in higher education ratings. You can expect some of the best facilities to provide hands-on experience here.

  1. Tri-County Technical College

Founded in the year 1962, the school caters to the counties of Oconee, Pickens, and Anderson. It is a part of the South Carolina Technical College System. This should speak for its dynamic educational system. The college keeps student success as the number one priority in all fields. You are likely to be impressed by the facility and the faculty.

  1. Northland Pioneer College

The college offers great outdoor recreation given its amazing location. It offers courses in five different centers and four campuses. The college caters to Apache, Hopi, and Navajo. The public community college has the ability to serve more than eight thousand students on a yearly bases. The programs and courses are unique and up to date with the latest industrial trends.

  1. Hispanic American College

This is a private option for those of you of Spanish descent. The school is located in New York and offers global learning to the diverse group of students that induct here on an annual basis. The students are molded into agents of change here in order to enhance the integration in society and the industry.

Final Thoughts

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The aforementioned information should help you narrow down your research of the best welding schools in the United States. Depending on different factors of location, budget, and specialized programs, you should opt for one of these. The schools mentioned are bound to fulfill your specific needs and offer you a competitive edge at the start of your career.

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