Underwater Welding Schools In Byhalia MS – Best Underwater Welding Training In Mississippi


Underwater Welding Schools In Byhalia MS – Best Underwater Welding Training In Mississippi

I’m going to assume you want to be a underwater commercial welder in ohcity MS, but you don’t know how to begin.  Just like anything else that you wish to achieve, you really need to be able to invest the proper time and commitment if you want to succeed. Becoming a welder could be as simple as attending a welding course online, finding a free welding class, or attend the best welding school in Byhalia, but if you want to become a underwater commercial welder, you must be fully committed to doing what it takes.underwater welding school

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Underwater Welding Information in Byhalia Mississippi

Working as an underwater commercial welder in ohcity Mississippi is a challenging, interesting, and highly demanding career, both mentally and physically. Various jobs in this industry depend upon the company, location, dive depth, and diver experience, among other factors. In order to become a commercial diver job for underwater welder jobs, you only need three things: completed surface welding training programs and certification, deep sea diving training and certification, and underwater welding classes and certification, or apprenticeship.  Due to the potential hazards and rigorous physical and mental demands of the profession, it is critical to obtain the best training and certifications to ensure that you will increase your employability in this fun exciting careers.

Underwater welders career often goes on to work on offshore oil and gas rigs, submerged marine vessels, and pipelines.  Steel is the most common material used.  Underwater welding companies particularly find it advantageous in saving time and money from not having to pull the damaged structure out of the water to effect emergency repairs. Whereas the majority of the job is conducted in relatively shallow water—known as the “splash zone”—some jobs are carried out in greater depths for increased deep sea welding pay in international waters.

Dive welders often find employment at port facilities, in the military defense industry, and in the emerging field of tidal electrical power generation.  Becoming underwater welder also has great potential for work-related travel, both domestically, offshore, and overseas. Having superior training, classes, and certifications increases the potential for success in careers that are fun pay well.

While there is considerable underwater welding career information available on the Internet and articles, virtually everything you ever wanted or needed to know about this exciting and lucrative career opportunity is listed below.

Ensure You’re Eligible To Sign Up For Underwater Welding Classes in Byhalia Mississippi

Before anything else, you need to at the very least complete tenth grade, which allows you to gain admission into some welding schools. It is preferred however, that you have a high school diploma, or your GED if you want to take welding courses. An increasing amount of people are enrolling in underwater welding classes today, so it’s always better to have more education. If you have failed to complete high school you could attempt to get your GED first. Many underwater welding schools won’t let you in without this prerequisite.

underwater welding school

What’s the Average Underwater Welder Salary Per Year and Career Outlook Near Byhalia

I know, I know. We’re always talking about money in our society. But if you’re going to pursue a career I’m sure pay is going to affect your choices – I know it did for me.  It can also be significantly higher in sparsely populated states where qualified labor is hard to come by.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the mean hourly wage for how much do underwater welders make is just over $26, for an average annual wage of nearly $55,000 per year; however, the facts welding careers with more experience and working for larger companies have the potential to earn as much as $200,000 per year.  Salary and pay wage is dependent upon three primary factors: the diver-welder’s personal expertise, the company’s geographic location because some are bound by labor unions, and the type and size of the company. Generally, larger companies with a greater number of employees pay more than smaller ones. Further, dive depth, method, environment, and other related factors can influence salary differences.

There is much availability in this field, even for entry-level diver. With a high potential underwater welder starting salary and positive career outlook, now is the time to start preparing yourself for this exciting and lucrative career. The BLS projects a 29.4% growth rate for underwater welding jobs salary by 2022. As is the case with every industry, supply and demand, industry-specific economics, one’s ability to relocate, and other related skills needed dictate employment opportunities.

The industry has and will continue to demand higher quality standards and certifications in underwater welding safety, technical specifications, inspection methods, criteria, and environmental factors, to name a few.  Further, the possibility for career advancement is high as many go on to become managers, operation supervisors, consultants, instructors, and AWS Certified Welding Inspector jobs. If you are looking for an exciting, long-term, and lucrative career, the current positive climate surrounding commercial underwater welding salary and job outlook is one that merits further investigation.

Find Underwater Welding Classes Near Byhalia MS 

The next thing is that you will need to seek out a school for underwater welding near me Mississippi. These schools are generally colleges or vocational schools that offer welding programs. A general underwater welding program in Byhalia MS can be anything between eight weeks to eight months long. You can nevertheless become a underwater welder without education, but the majority of employers are searching for certified welders who have completed schooling, and are happy to pay them more.


Top Welding Schools In Mississippi Near Me

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In 2017, workers with a bachelor's degree or higher had almost twice as much
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Sign Up For the Top Welding School Near Me

Once you find the best welding school in your location that provides classes, you must apply to one of their underwater welding classes. Usually schools will offer a general welding certification class that trains you the fundamental techniques and basic best practices in the welding industry.

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Best Underwater Welding Schools in the U.S.

The USA has more top underwater welding schools and programs than any other country. Top under water welding schools ranked in this industry typically enroll no more than 30 students per class—and some cap class size at ten students— so if you find a program you are interested in, then early registration is recommended to ensure that you get into your desired program at your desired location.

While each program is unique, there is considerable overlap in terms of courses offered and topics covered. Picking from among the best schools underwater welding programs in the U.S. requires that you understand the various nuances of each school and whether you are looking for a college-type education or more practical, hands-on training.


What Underwater Welding Classes are Required in schools in Byhalia MS?

Underwater welding education requirements in Byhalia Mississippi encompass a large variety of topics because of the risks to divers and their coworkers. Training can take, on average, five to eight months to complete, depending upon the school and its unique qualifications and requirements. Whereas each program has its own curricula, there is considerable overlap and comprehensiveness in the various underwater welding courses available today.

Underwater welder courses cover such topics as:

  • Diving Physics and Air Decompression
  • Diving Theory and Rules
  • Gas Laws and their Behavior under Pressure
  • Decompression and Treatment Tables
  • Diving Operations
  • Commercial SCUBA and Inland Diving
  • Hyperbaric Chamber Operations
  • Underwater Cutting Tools, Air Tools, and Pneumatic Tools
  • Engines and Compressors
  • Topside Cutting
  • Forklift Operations
  • Basic Surface Supply Diving
  • Underwater Welding Equipment Safety and Dangers with Accident Prevention
  • Dive Operations Planning
  • Commercial Diving Orientation
  • Offshore Oilfield Diving
  • Rigging Fundamentals
  • Inland Diving
  • Mixed Gas Diving
  • Ship and Sea Salvage Operations
  • Ship Husbandry
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  • Underwater Welding Helmet Maintenance and Safety
  • Rigging and Seamanship
  • First Aid, Rescue Techniques, and Survival for Hazardous Careers
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Handling Hazard Materials

How Much does Underwater Welding School Costs In Byhalia Mississippi?

Underwater welding school costs in Byhalia include far more than simply tuition because of the considerable practical hands-on training such programs provide. The tuition for of underwater welding programs depends upon a number of factors: institutional and instructors’ knowledge, length of program, certification types, location, equipment costs, and other fees. Whereas each school has its own tuition, gear, and other items, generally, you can expect to pay between $15,000 and $25,000 for tuition depending upon the program.  Required gear will run you approximately $2,500 unless you can find a used underwater welding equipment sale.  Add in books, requisite physical exams, commercial diver certifications, room and board, lab fees, and application fees, and while diving training and underwater welding school costs are not any more expensive than a traditional two-year college associate’s degree, it is more expensive than other types of vocational education due to the specialized equipment, potential hazards, and comprehensiveness of training; however, earning potential is significant. Many of these schools have financial aid, and you can also apply for various welding scholarships, grants, and federal loans.

What are the Underwater Welding Education Requirements In Byhalia MS?

 The majority of these programs do not require any prior diving or underwater welding education or experience. The only underwater welding education requirement to begin training for this lucrative and highly exciting career is a high school diploma or GED.  Additionally, being able to pass an annual dive physical examination is another necessity, and while having already passed a diving test is preferred, this is not required.

If you already have hard surface welding experience, education, and certification, you still need to complete a commercial diving certification and learn the nuances.

According to Water Welders, in order to become successful in this career, you should possess or be actively obtaining the following underwater welding education qualifications and requirements:

  • Obtain your high school diploma or GED
  • Earn a topside welding certificate type of certification
  • Pass a commercial dive school’s physical exam
  • Earn commercial dive school certifications to enhance commercial diving skills needed
  • Earn underwater welding certifications in class

After accomplishing these tasks—and obtaining entry-level employment in the field as a diver tender (apprentice diver) for a minimum of two years—you have a greater chance of securing an exciting and profitable career as a commercial diver/underwater welder.  Conversely, if you are already a certified commercial diver, you still need to obtain welding training and certification. However, if you are a certified SCUBA diver, you need to be aware of the fact that sport dive training does not cover the use of commercial diving equipment, offshore commercial work environments, and commercial safety that is required by the Association of Diving Contractors Consensus Standards for Commercial Diving Operations. So while there really aren’t many underwater welder education requirements, there are several physical and practical skills necessary to become successful in this field.

Are There Underwater Welding Certifications in Byhalia MS or the U.S.A or Near Me?

There are a number of underwater welding certifications available for commercial divers and welders near you.

Most programs offer such underwater welding certifications as:

  • Association of Diving Contractors International (ACDI) Entry Level Diver/Tender Certification
  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver Certification from the Diver Certification Board of Canada (DCBC)
  • API Rigger API 2D (RP2D) (REV-7) Certification
  • Hazardous Waste Materials 40-hour OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 and WAC 80-hour HAZWOPER Certifications
  • Level I Liquid Penetrant and Level II Magnetic Particle Testing Certificates (NDT)
  • Kirby Morgan (KMDSI) Hat Operator/Maintenance Certification
  • National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) Open Water SCUBA Certification
  • American Welding Society (AWS) Certification
  • Divers Alert Network (DAN) (for first aid)
  • Association of Commercial Diving Educators (ACDE) Certification
  • ANSI/ACDE 2009-01 Commercial Diver Certification (USA)
  • Lloyds Register (LR) Certification demonstrating advanced training and knowledge in the Maritime/Salvage industry
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Levels I-II Certification

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What Underwater Welding Equipment Will I use at  School or my Job In Byhalia MS?

While many companies have much of the required heavy-duty equipment needed for underwater welding endeavors, as an individual diver-welder, it is necessary to obtain and maintain much of your own underwater welding equipment and related gear, particularly helmets, wet/drysuits, and other personal protective equipment. Doing so ensures greater familiarity and comfort while working in a health hazardous and physically-demanding environment.

underwater welding equipment

Underwater Welding Equipment

Underwater welding safety equipment usually provided by the company during the job includes:

  • Underwater Electrodes: provide the material for the weld. These should be extremely water-resistant to last in water for up to 24 hours, while the electrodes can maintain their structural integrity in depths up to 33 feet. Electrodes should be of high strength yield at usually 1/8 and 5/32 inch.
  • Stingers: made primarily of lightweight plastic, stingers hold the electrodes. They must be insulated to protect the diver from injuries due to the high electrical conductive properties of saltwater. Stingers must also be lightweight, ergonomic, and correctly angled so the welder can easily insert the electrode and utilize it in a variety of positions and visibility.
  • Underwater Welding Power Source: responsible for supplying power to the welder. These should have consistent and stable power that doesn’t fluctuate in amps and has a good and continuous flow. A power source should also run on direct current (DC) instead of alternating current (AC) because welder-divers utilize straight polarity. Most companies already possess this type of equipment; however, if you are thinking of becoming an independent or subcontractor, purchasing this type of equipment is tax-deductible.
  • Gas Panel and Compressor: used to ensure that a steady supply of air is reaching the diver below
  • Bailout Gas: a small SCUBA tank carried by the diver as a secondary supply in case of emergency
  • Umbilical Cord: pumps gas between the diver and the surface

Personal underwater welding safety equipment list that you need to obtain, maintain, and review:

  • Helmet to protect your eyes and face while welding and can be one of three types: open circuit that has a non-return gas valve to expel exhaled air into the water, anti-fogging lens, side weights, and an internal cushion; reclaim that recycles expelled air back into the helmet at the same ambient pressure; and free-flow that has a larger transparent visor that provides greater visibility while working in hazardous materials and shallow water.
  • Drysuit: typically made of neoprene, rubber, or shell and provides superior climate control and greater protection than a wetsuit
  • Wetsuit: many apprenticeship programs recommend a 7mm or ¼-inch “Farmer John” style
  • Coveralls: mechanics-style coveralls worn over the wet/drysuit for protection
  • Wrist and Ankle Seals: to keep water from entering gloves and shoes
  • Five Finger Diving Gloves and Hood: available for both wet and dry suits
  • Snoopy Cap: custom-made to wear underneath diving helmets with helmet-specific snap configurations
  • Safety Harness: must be at least a five-point harness with attached shackles and is used to keep divers/welders buoyant while working
  • Dive Knife: folding and locking knives made from stainless steel
  • Knife Switch: used while using underwater electric equipment that controls the flow of electricity from the surface to power underwater tools
  • Eye Protection/Safety Glasses: both prescription and non-prescription are usually acceptable
  • Weight Belt or Harness with Weights: weighing a minimum of 40 pounds
  • Dive Watch: must be water resistant to 200 meters, contain a stopwatch function, have a rotating bezel, and be easily visible underwater
  • Safety Boots/ Shoes: steel-toed leather work boots for working topside
  • Chafing Boots: rubber or leather work boots worn over booties while in the water to protect your feet
  • Hard Hat: must be blue ANSI and OSHA approved with a standard brim
  • Mask, Snorkel, and Fins
  • Rubber/Latex Gloves, Leather Work Gloves, and Blue Palm Work Gloves
  • Gear Bag
  • Underwater Flashlight with Batteries
  • Underwater camera

Before I Start School  – What are the Underwater Welding Working Conditions In Byhalia?

The risk for how dangerous is underwater welding is more significant than the working environment of surface welders because of the additional equipment such as diving suits, breathing apparatus, and safety harnesses that may malfunction.   In addition, there is the risk of water-specific potential injuries such as “the bends” that results from surfacing too quickly after being underwater too long.  In addition to the labor-intensive and often dangerous daily job functions and underwater welding working conditions, successful diver-welders are required to problem-solve, communicate with team members, and work under time constraints.

There are numerous physical and mental challenges to this occupation.

Top 14 Underwater Welding Dangers Physically and Effects on the Body:

  • Fatigue and erratic sleep patterns
  • Dehydration: staying well hydrated is critical to successful job performance
  • Poor diet: experts recommend consuming proteins and complex carbs several times per day to maintain energy
  • Lack of relaxation
  • Poor underwater visibility
  • Having to learn to work by feel
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Learning how to breathe deeply and steadily
  • Muscle tension and stiffness from working in a fluid
  • Pressure: descending too quickly can rupture eardrums and burst blood vessels, and deep dive depths can cause other physical maladies
  • Ear equalization
  • Maintaining focus and patience
  • Communication with the surface crew
  • Breathing

Top Psychological Challenges Include:

  • Confusion
  • Fear and panic
  • Loneliness: especially during offshore work than can last for months at a time
  • Lack of social interaction
  • Knowing your limits
  • Asking others for advice
  • Troubleshooting

What are some Underwater Welding Facts and Information – Things You Didn’t Know

The career is a fun, highly-specialized, profitable, and rewarding option for those individuals seeking a challenge, the opportunity to travel the globe, and a lucrative career. While a basic overview of the field, earning potential, schools, courses, required equipment, and working conditions have already been discussed, there are several facts and information you didn’t know about underwater welding, which are rather interesting:

  • Invented by Russian metallurgist Konstantin Khrenov in 1932. Though, according to Careers in Welding, there are photos of origin of ancient tools used to seal Egyptian tombs in 3,500 B.C.
  • Divers often complain of metallic taste, oral discomfort, and loosening of fillings as a result of underwater cutting and welding
  • The current record for the world’s deepest underwater wet weld (2,000 feet) was set by the US Navy in 2005
  • With proper decompression, trained commercial divers can only ascend 33 feet per minute to avoid decompression sickness
  • Dry welding can occur under water in specially constructed chambers that surround the area to be repaired. You need to prepare a chamber around the joint then introduce a typical oxygen and helium gas mixture into the chamber which pumps out the water and prevent bubbles.  The pressure in the chamber needs to be marginally above the pressure of the surrounding water.
  • If you are highly skilled, you can earn over $200,000 a year
  • The career outlook looks bright as the infrastructure throughout the world is maturing and slowly crumbling requiring the building of new steel bridges, buildings, and oil rigs in international and offshore locations


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