Welding Careers – Where to begin?

welding careersWelding is a demanding profession. Different industries nowadays require welders for specific jobs. The training required varies from job to job. However, it is necessary that welders attend a renowned welding school for training and certification. Once you have completed the necessary training at the school, you are given a license. A welding license is a compulsory requirement before you can be hired for a welding career.

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This standard has been set to ensure that the welders that are hired are able to deliver the best possible quality. There are mainly four types of welding careers in the industry.

Repairing Structures

This type of welding career involves repairing large structures like bridges. Proper welding training and a fair amount of experience is necessary to ensure the job is done right. In addition, the risks involved in structural repairing are high. The structures that need to be repaired are usually at great height. Although the necessary safety equipment is provided, there is a certain element of nervousness when working at heights.

Working at heights with the same precision as you would on the ground requires years of experience. It is essential that the welders considering these types of jobs are not afraid of heights.

Custom Welding Careers

If you are a welder who just got out of welding school or if you are looking to expand your learning, this is the welding job you should go for. Custom welding work allows more freedom and learning opportunities than regular jobs that use standard welding procedures. Custom welding careers are usually provided by engineers who are designing structures or automobile designers. Do keep in mind that these jobs have specific requirements.

You can secure this job only if you have a referral or if you have done a similar job previously.

Artisan Welding

Artisan welding jobs are offered by individuals or organizations, who are involved in restoring art or designing movie & theatre sets. Museum curators may also offer such a job. To work as an artisan welder you need to have a unique blend of artistic sense, technical skills and precision. In addition to being tricky these jobs are rather difficult. This is mainly because there is little room for error when restoring or working with art pieces. The same applies to props at a movie or a theatre set.

Working with an artist requires extensive welding training because you often need to create metal structure from a drawing. This needs to be done such a way that the design of the sculpture is not affected by the welds.

Construction Site Welding Career

Construction site welding is quite straightforward and requires standard welding skills. Welders are required to work with heavy gauge metal to make beams and fencing. Welders are also needed in case a particular structure needs changes during construction. For expert advice, welders are also encouraged to participate in design brainstorming and execution.

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If you have just started welding, it is important that you select one of these jobs and gain plenty of experience. On the other hand, if you have years of experience you can form your own welding company.

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