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I’m going to assume you want to be a certified welder in Dayton Ohio, but you don’t know how to begin. Just like anything else that you want to do in life, you really need to be able to invest the proper time and commitment if you want to succeed. Becoming a welder could be as simple as attending a welding course online, finding a free welding class, or attend a welding school in Dayton Ohio, but if you want to become a certified welder, you must be fully committed to doing what it takes.

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Make Sure You’re Eligible To Sign Up For Welding Classes

welding metal in Dayton Ohio classBefore anything else, you need to at the very least complete tenth grade, which allows you to gain admission into some welding schools. It is preferred however, that you have a high school diploma, or your GED if you want to take welding courses. An increasing amount of people are enrolling in welding classes today, so it’s always better to have more education. If you have failed to complete high school you could attempt to get your GED first. Many welding schools won’t let you in without this prerequisite.

Find Welding Courses Near Dayton Ohio

The next thing is that you will need to seek out a school for welding in your area in Ohio. These schools can be community colleges or trade schools that offer welding programs. A general welding program can be anything between eight weeks to eight months long. You can become a welder without education, but more businesses search for certified welders who have completed schooling, and are happy to pay them more.

Top Welding Schools In Ohio

Fortis Institute can give you the skills you need to train for a career in the healthcare field.

* Programs vary by location

* Please contact each individual campus for accreditation information


  • Welding Technology
Locations: Ravenna

Sign Up For the Top Welding Classes

Once you find a welding school in your location that provides classes, you must apply to one of their welding classes. Usually schools will offer a general welding certification class that trains you the fundamental techniques and basic best practices in the welding industry.

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Top specialties to look for

  • TIG Welding
  • MIG Welding
  • ARC Welding
  • Underwater Welding
  • Laser Welding

Make sure your welding school in Dayton teaches you several of the techniques listed, or you may end up without any marketable skills that will get you hired. There are tons of things to consider when enrolling in a welding course.

Welding with mig-mag method

What Do Welders In Dayton OH Earn?

I know, I know. We’re always talking about money in our society. But if you’re going to pursue a career I’m sure pay is going to affect your choices – I know it did for me. Indeed.com found that in 2010 (the latest year where stats are available), a welder earned around $36,000 a year. But that figures increases by about $5,000 with a welding certification, and it can also be significantly higher in sparsely populated states where qualified labor is hard to come by.


Summit Academy Dayton

4128 Cedar Ridge Rd | (937) 278-4298

Technical Con Institute

400 Shoup Mill Rd | (937) 277-0117

Emerson Academy

501 Hickory St | (937) 223-2889

Charity Adams Earley Academy for Girls

450 Shoup Mill Rd | (937) 542-3000

Bauer Elementary School

6951 Springboro PK | (937) 434-9191

Belle Haven Elementary School

4401 Free PK | (937) 542-4220

Belmont High School

2323 Mapleview Ave | (937) 542-6460

Beverly Gardens Elementary School

5555 Enright Ave | (937) 259-6620

Blairwood Elementary School

1241 Blairwood Ave | (937) 263-3504

Brantwood Elementary School

4350 Schwinn Dr | (937) 237-4270

F G Carlson Elementary School

1630 Miami Chapel Rd | (937) 542-4290

Cleveland Prek-8 School

1102 Pursell Ave | (937) 542-4340

Dayton Boys Preparatory Academy

1923 West 3rd St | (937) 542-3000

Driscoll Elementary School

5767 Marshall Rd | (937) 434-0562

Dunbar High School

1400 Albritton Dr | (937) 542-6760

Eastmont Park Elementary School

1480 Edendale Rd | (937) 542-4490

Edison Elementary School

228 North Broadway St | (937) 542-4540

Fairview Elementary School

1305 West Fairview Ave | (937) 542-4590

Franklin Montessori Elementary School

2617 East 5th St | (937) 542-4640

Gardendale Academy

1733 North Gettysburg Ave | (937) 268-6636

Gorman School

156 Grant St | (937) 542-4790

Grafton Kennedy Elementary School

2655 Wagoner Ford Rd | (937) 275-6833

Harman Elementary School

735 Harman Ave | (937) 297-5338

Dr John Hole Elementary School

180 West Whipp Rd | (937) 434-0725

C F Holliday Elementary School

4100 South Dixie Dr | (937) 859-5121

Jefferson High School

2701 South Union Rd | (937) 835-5691

Kemp @ Grant Elementary School

1923 Gondert Ave | (937) 542-5090

Longfellow Center

245 Salem Ave | (937) 223-8239

Meadowdale Elementary School

3871 Yellowstone Ave | (937) 542-5390

Meadowdale High School

3873 Whitestone Ct | (937) 542-7030

Morrison Elementary School

2235 Arthur Ave | (937) 276-8341

Murlin Heights Elementary School

8515 North Dixie Dr | (937) 415-3900

Normandy Elementary School

401 Normandy Ridge Rd | (937) 434-0917

Northridge High School

2251 Timber Lane | (937) 275-7469

Esther Dennis Middle School

5120 North Dixie Dr | (937) 274-2135

Oakwood High School

1200 Far Hills Ave | (937) 297-5325

Orville Wright Elementary School

4309 Arcadia Blvd | (937) 542-5940

Patterson/Kennedy Elementary School

258 Wyoming St | (937) 542-5490

Saville Elementary School

5800 Burkhardt Rd | (937) 259-6625

Smith Elementary School

1701 Shafor Blvd | (937) 297-5335

Stebbins High School

1900 Harshman Rd | (937) 237-4250

Stivers School for the Arts High School

1313 East 5th St | (937) 542-7380

Valerie Elementary School

4020 Bradwood Dr | (937) 542-5690

Van Cleve Elementary School

31 Willowwood Dr | (937) 542-5740

Kiser Elementary School

1401 Leo St | (937) 542-5790

Wogaman Prek-8 School

920 McArthur Ave | (937) 542-5890

Hadley E Watts Middle School

7056 McEwen Rd | (937) 434-0370

Smith Middle School

3625 Little York Rd | (937) 415-7000

Mad River Middle School

1801 Harshman Rd | (937) 237-4265

Northwood Elementary School

6200 Noranda Dr | (937) 832-6240

Oakwood Junior High School

1200 Far Hills Ave | (937) 297-5328

Moraine Community School

5656 Springboro PK | (937) 294-4522

Dayton View Academy

1416 West Riverview Ave | (937) 567-9426

World of Wonder Prek-8 School

4411 Oakridge Dr | (937) 542-3600

Richard Allen Academy

700 Heck Ave | (937) 586-9815

New Choices Community School

601 South Keowee St | (937) 224-8201

The Dayton Academy

4401 Dayton Liberty Rd | (937) 262-4080

City Day Community School

318 South Main St | (937) 223-8130

Chaminade Julienne High School

505 S Ludlow St | (937) 461-3740

Immaculate Conception School

2268 S Smithville Rd | (937) 253-8831

Our Lady Of The Rosary School

40 Notre Dame Ave | (937) 222-7231

Precious Blood School

4870 Denlinger Rd | (937) 277-2291

Mary Queen Of Peace Catholic School - Gramont

138 Gramont Ave | (937) 268-6391

St Anthony Elementary School

1824 Saint Charles Ave | (937) 253-6251

St Helen Elementary School

5086 Burkhardt Rd | (937) 256-1761

Holy Angels Elementary School

223 L St | (937) 229-5959

Carroll High School

4524 Linden Ave | (937) 253-8188

Gloria Dei Montessori School

615 Shiloh Dr | (937) 274-7195

Hillel Academy

100 E Woodbury Dr | (937) 277-8966

The Miami Valley School

5151 Denise Dr | (937) 434-4444
PK,K-12 | OH Private Schools

Temple Christian School

1617 Ohmer Ave | (937) 253-5288

Bishop Leibold School

6666 Springboro Pike | (937) 434-9343

Dominion Academy

925 N Main St | (937) 224-8555

East Dayton Christian School

999 Spinning Rd | (937) 252-5400

Creative Learning Center

3489 Little York Rd | (937) 898-8689

Carousel House School

5520 Far Hills Ave | (937) 434-1934

Miami Valley Family Care Center

Po Box 326 | (937) 268-0337

Mini University-wright State University

3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy | (937) 775-4070

Lutheran School of Miami Valley

239 Wayne Ave | (937) 224-1939
PK, K-6 | OH Private Schools

Montessori Children's Center

4369 Valley St | (937) 236-6805

Spring Valley Academy

1461 E Spring Valley Rd | (937) 433-0790

First School

7659 Mcewen Rd | (937) 433-3455

Nicholas-liberty School

5581 Dayton Liberty Rd | (937) 496-7100

St Rita Catholic School

251 Erdiel Dr | (937) 277-8978

Bright Beginnings Elementary

2973 Lantz Rd | (937) 426-6222

Mary Queen of Peace Catholic School

200 Homewood Ave | (937) 228-3091
PK, K-8 | OH Private Schools

Klepinger Community School

3650 Klepinger Rd | (937) 610-1710

Ruskin Prek-8 School

407 Ambrose Ct | (937) 542-3000

Horizon Science Academy Dayton High School

250 Shoup Mill Rd | (937) 281-1480
7-12 |

Horizon Science Academy Dayton Downtown

121 South Monmouth St |
K-6 |
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Sign up For A Welding Apprenticeship

The moment you are done with your welding school, you are going to want to apply for a welding apprenticeship. These apprenticeships will assist you to gain practical, hands-on experience in the welding industry, that can’t be copied by online classes. You may be asking yourself “How long are welding apprenticeships?”, but the answer is not that straightforward. These may range anywhere from 4 months to 4 years, and It all comes down to how much you work, how much welding training you want, and how intense the program is. Once you are done with your apprenticeship it is a good time to consider a welding certification class.

Keep in mind that your apprenticeship is more than just continued education! You can expect a salary that is lower than experienced welders, but enough to live on for sure. More than that, though, the shop you apprentice yourself to will more than likely be your future employer.

Taking Your Welding Certification Exam

To complete your welding certification test, you should consider to check out the American Welding Society (AWS) which has all the information you need to complete the test. This can be a simple Certified Welder test, or a more difficult Certified Welding Inspector test. When you are a Certified Welder, you can apply for virtually every welding job in whatever industry you want.

Find a Welding School

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Once you have read this, you could be excused for thinking that becoming a certified welder is very difficult. But if you follow the guidelines specified here, you will be well on your way to a fulfilling career in welding. Everything in life takes work, and most things that require more work are worth more, so don’t be lazy, instead take this chance and apply to one of the welding schools in Dayton to get a career you desire.

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